We are getting so close to the finish line on the rehabilitation of this building! We are down to some small detail projects to finish and then deep cleaning and finishing touches. We are on track to have an open house early in February.

We have our first tenant! HALO – Helping Art Liberate Orphans- is a foundation that seeks to support orphans in foreign countries. The orphans create art that is sent to the US and sold, the money that is raised then goes to support the orphanage. Here in the US, HALO is looking at the neighborhoods they are in and asking how they can enrich the lives of at risk children. There are two HALO Houses in the US – one in Denver and one in Kansas City – that offer creative, artistic, enrichment programs for at risk children. HALO would like to begin a similar program at the Community Center. This program will be an after school program that will seek volunteers to teach the children of the Salvation Army Shelter or Big Brothers/Sisters participants a new skill or to help them dream a new future through learning to sew or woodworking for example. As the kids learn and perfect their skill there will be art shows and fashion shows to celebrate. We are so excited to have HALO come and start this new program in Jefferson City and in the Old Town Center!