To Support the Common Ground Community Center 
November 10, 2012 – 7:00 PM
JC High School Gymnasium

The Common Ground Community Center in conjunction with the Missouri Granny Basketball League is holding a “Granny versus the Pastors Basketball Game” at Jefferson City High School Gymnasium, Saturday, November 10th at 7:00 P.M.

Pastors from the Common Ground partnership churches as well as Pastors and Priests from other area churches will be squaring off for a basketball game that is being held to raise funds for the Common Ground Community Building. A Granny Basketball Game is an entertaining family friendly event for the entire family. It is based upon 1923 girl’s high school basketball rules.

Granny Basketball League is a league for women 50 and over. No athletic talent is required, but they do require that you can sustain moderate activity for several minutes without collapsing. The league is for fun, exercise and to raise funds for charitable organizations. To find out a little more about Granny Basketball go to

You can also find out more about the Missouri Granny Basketball league by liking us on:

Tickets are $5. All proceeds are to benefit the Common Ground Community Building.


Kristen Hilty has accepted the part-time position as the Benevolence Coordinator for the Cooperative Benevolence office at Common Ground. This office combines funds from our partner churches to offer assistance to those in the community with needs. Things like utility bills, gas, train tickets or lodging. Kristen brings her experience as a Social Worker to the table and a passion to offer assistance that will fill the gaps that exist in our community. For example transportation for those Seniors who don’t drive and for whom cab fair would be a budget buster for doctors appointments. Welcome Kristen!

Abandoned building reopens as community center

By Michelle Brooks

Taken from the Jefferson City News Tribune

Phil Freeman (pointing) was one of several dozen in attendance to Thursday’s ribbon cutting ceremony and open house at the Old Town Center on Clark Avenue at Atchison Street. Photo by Julie Smith.

Layers of wallpaper were removed along with loads of debris and unusable pieces when 1015 E. Atchison Street’s revival began after 25 years of vacancy.

Layers of wallpaper created the foundation of a montage recognizing the Jefferson City building’s past, and that montage hung above the modern coffee cart Thursday at an open house and ribbon-cutting.

Nearly a year after the Old Town Revitalization Company, under leadership of chairman Phil Freeman, sought out a possible tenant for what formerly served as Homer Cavitte’s Restaurant, it was introduced as the Common Ground Community Building.


By the time you are reading this article, the construction of the Community Center will be complete! What a journey it has been! Remember the building that we all pretty much shook our heads at and said “no way”? Over the last 8 months there have been many a day when we have questioned what on earth we had gotten ourselves into. BUT there were more days that we knew God had a vision we were pursuing. Now it is time to begin to live into that vision in this beautifully rehabilitated, reconstructed building. Dave Harris is to be praised, and commended and lifted high for his unending energy and vision – without him we would not have the facilities we have to be in ministry to the community. Thank you Dave!

We will fully celebrate the Community Center in our worship services on February 12 and then invite all of the FUMC family to come to an open house from Noon – 2:00 p.m.

We are currently seeking a Benevolence Office Coordinator. This is a 15 – 20 hr/wk position that will coordinate the assistance given to those who are in need in our community. Position includes giving assistance, understanding the needs in the community, accounting and communication of funds given from all partner churches and eventual coordination of volunteers. If you are interested please contact Dustin Warbritton or Chris Dumas.


We are getting so close to the finish line on the rehabilitation of this building! We are down to some small detail projects to finish and then deep cleaning and finishing touches. We are on track to have an open house early in February.

We have our first tenant! HALO – Helping Art Liberate Orphans- is a foundation that seeks to support orphans in foreign countries. The orphans create art that is sent to the US and sold, the money that is raised then goes to support the orphanage. Here in the US, HALO is looking at the neighborhoods they are in and asking how they can enrich the lives of at risk children. There are two HALO Houses in the US – one in Denver and one in Kansas City – that offer creative, artistic, enrichment programs for at risk children. HALO would like to begin a similar program at the Community Center. This program will be an after school program that will seek volunteers to teach the children of the Salvation Army Shelter or Big Brothers/Sisters participants a new skill or to help them dream a new future through learning to sew or woodworking for example. As the kids learn and perfect their skill there will be art shows and fashion shows to celebrate. We are so excited to have HALO come and start this new program in Jefferson City and in the Old Town Center!